Design thinking as a myth: Problem solving strategies.

3 Feb

Tad Toulis examines here the benefit of different methods of problem-solving. He looks to critique what makes “design thinking” an abstract and unapproachable concept when in reality, it’s just using problem-solving strategies. The team at SignDeClimb, and indeed, the Climuns itself, look to utilize what some people describe as “design thinking” and others describe as problem solving, and use that approach to develop challenges within a field. A community of information sharing climbers can be connected by technology if that technology exemplifies what their ideals. Alternatively powered, biodegradable, the ability to communicate and the enhancement of exploration are all solutions to challenges that outdoor activities frequently present. SignDeClimb explores this idea of “design thinking”, and love Toulis’ criticisms of the concept.

“Yeah, we do things differently than you do: that’s why we are so powerful and unique.”


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