The Valorised Designer

3 Feb

Whiteley’s piece on the brave new face of design and designers for a more productive postmodern future is an intriguing and thought-provoking read which lines up curiously with the ideals of futurists and metaphysicians alike. He describes a more practical postmodern future in which hybrid knowledge bases within our designers are the key for the best of solutions. This is not only crucial for the future of the education of our society, but also the creations of our society. The access to new ideas through new technologies provides brilliant advancements for the development of our species. The  boundaries crumbling between fields and actions of the masses is both the symptom and catalyst for the construction of a complex body of information, entropic in nature.

It is important to here discuss that “a blurring is not the same as a collapse”. The vagueness of our understanding of what is happening to our progression as it is happening is part of the driving force which propels us forward. Thus boundaries are not so much dissolving away completely as becoming less iron-clad. (Side note: another metallic reference in “anamalgam” was also read in Heese’s Indian Religions: a historical reader of spiritual expression and experience. Concluded wisely that alloys are the strongest metals, if not the purest.) I particularly enjoyed the description of the up-and-coming designers of any sophisticated nature to need to embody abstract critical thinking as well as practical creativity. (Side note part deux: the study of Continuum, a dance-science practical philosophy, is a fantastic example of practice and theory overlapping to the point of indistinguishable).

I am getting to the point where all my studies are connecting and art is the expression of this connection that is the only release from my anxiety.

Further reading:

Indian Religions: a historical reader of spiritual expression and experience (Heese)

The Singularity is Near: when humans transcend biology (Kuzweil)


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