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Danger: distracted working.

8 Mar

Seth Godin is really a down-to-business kind of guy. He really understands keys to success, in many different ways of looking at it. For designers and climbers everywhere, the challenges ahead of them are intimidating and it is often much easier to step away from them or to reword them to to increase their input of knowledge than to develop their output. In this post about how getting down to the good stuff and making something is about losing distractions, it first made those at SignDeClimb worried that the concept of being able to stay in touch anywhere would halt the perseverance of climbers and the ambition to take things on in a solo manner. But then the fact that there is an easily accessible “off” button and a music function was re-examined. If the Climuns impedes the progression of real climbing in anyway, maybe it should be reconsidered. But that’s where the ability to shut yourself off and completely lose yourself in a challenge comes into play. That’s what music helps do. It calms an overwhelmed mind and provides the distraction necessary to soothe, while at the same time not interfering with the challenges at hand.


The worthiness of merging self-sufficiency with dependency.

8 Mar

This post from Seth Godin’s blog
help exemplify why a product like the Climuns is so valuable to your everyday explorer.

“All our productivity, leverage and insight comes from being part of a community, not apart from it.”

People in today’s society are such social creatures, who thrive so much on connecting and sharing information and staying in touch with each other that the idea that one can benefit society by fully separating from it is irrelevant. What is beneficial to society is a strong community of information and idea sharers, in any field. Within the climbing community, a product like the Climuns not only makes people feel safer, and are thus more likely to explore new areas and to develop new techniques, but it makes them more skillful climbers, simply by learning from those in the area and those more experienced from afar.