An Extrordinary Person (has no mold)

12 Apr

After much exploration and many fantastic conversations in a variety of places, my extraordinary person to be featured on Sign DeClimb doesn’t look particularly extraordinary. I met magicians, art magazine marketers, jazz musicians, design students, media theorists, solar engineers. All of them appear quirky and innovative exteriorly, and have personalities and resumes to match. However, the most extraordinary person I connected to over the course of this semester, I met on a bus that was late.
A man of non-descript clothes and an inquisitive nature, Lew Blaustein and I got to chatting waiting on a bus that was an hour and a half late to take us from Boston to Manhattan.
Asking him what he does, he chuckles. He says he started off somewhere very different then where he is now, and that what he does now is green-focused media campaigns.
My ears perk up.
That’s funny. That’s exactly something I’d bee interested in.
“How did you get into that?” I ask.
Lew explains how he was in media campaigning for Time, Inc– specifically Sports Illustrated, Sports Illustrated for Kids and the like, when 9/11 happened. It was the patriotism, he says, that made him realize the necessity of changing everyone’s mindset to focus more on the environment. This required more than just a change of color usage.
“There were no job jobs opening for green marketing in 2002, 2003, so I had to create them,” Lew elaborates.
After hearing about his projects with the Village Alliance and what he’s worked on in the past (concerts and festivals for green awareness, media campaigns for American Collegiate Intramural Sports, and so on), I asked him if he thought it was worth it, the pay cut and the energy that passionate innovation requires.
At the end of the day, and this was a very long day on a very long bus ride mind you, we came to the agreement that it is more important to feel passion for what you do than for your bank account or corner office to get bigger.


Lew Blaustein gets it.

“Passion. That’s what it’s all about. I started Lewis Brand Solutions to create, develop and sell marketing programs that tap into and wake up the passions of key target audiences: Green, Arts & Entertainment and Sports. There is a wealth of untapped energy in the passions that we share. If we focus that passion, amazing things can happen.”

Lew Blaustein

Lewis Blaustein, LBS Inc.

Lew Blaustein

How we met...

How we met


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