Discovering People: Lorena Duran

18 Apr

Lorena Duran is a classy, lively lady who studied and started out as an independent designer in Columbia. She studied on scholarship at Pratt and began her career in the field of branding and design marketing. What was absolutely fascinating about her presenting to a bunch of undergrads in Hofstra University’s Fine Arts department was that she really understood her work, and could present every detail of it, to anyone. She was a fabulous presenter who could explain her intent and the specifications for all of her work. It was eye opening.

In addition to holding a smaller lecture for the Fine Arts department, Duran was part of a panel for the Not All Artists Are Starving event put on by HAGA (Hofstra Association of Graphic Artists). She detailed how purposeful her work needed to be, about how that was part of its effectiveness at displaying a concept.

Her work for Christie’s Global Markets was particularly interesting because she did something totally outside of her field, in architecture. It could really be seen as inspiration to become a more open-minded, especially for the attention span of an undergrad.
Her work is mostly less portfolio-based than most artists, because her work is much more practical, but here is her LinkedIn.


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