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Designing the News

10 May

Designing the news has a wonderful exploration of the use of data visualizations (my biggest boner) and an even wider array of sci-fi-y goodness. But this particular article focused on user interface displays, and just how crazy they’re going to get. Right now there’s a bajillion or so prototypes and most movies taking place in the future have wonderfully creative hypothetical interfaces, btu I really can’t wait to see what’s coming up next. Smartphones…touch screens…interactive projections. It looks like we’re going to have to start living longer just to be able to keep up with learning all these new ways to interact with information. From the table of contents to these.


What a fantastic way of describing design

10 May

Design can be many things, but I have never before seen it so well laid out:

2D: lives in the x-y axis including graphic design and images
3D: lives in the x-y-z axis with products
4D: when you add the human element you get systems, services, and experiences
5D: and when you apply this over time, you get the 5th dimension of strategy

Thank you, Sami Nerenberg.

Principles of good design.

10 May

Sign DeClimb is all about the conceptualization, the cleverness, and the innovation of fusing outdoor adventures with indoor safety. These design principles are not only a confidence booster, they help any designer focus a little more on what they are up to on all ends of the spectrum. Sign DeClimb may soon be posting their own rules of design!

Discovering People: Lorena Duran

18 Apr

Lorena Duran is a classy, lively lady who studied and started out as an independent designer in Columbia. She studied on scholarship at Pratt and began her career in the field of branding and design marketing. What was absolutely fascinating about her presenting to a bunch of undergrads in Hofstra University’s Fine Arts department was that she really understood her work, and could present every detail of it, to anyone. She was a fabulous presenter who could explain her intent and the specifications for all of her work. It was eye opening.

In addition to holding a smaller lecture for the Fine Arts department, Duran was part of a panel for the Not All Artists Are Starving event put on by HAGA (Hofstra Association of Graphic Artists). She detailed how purposeful her work needed to be, about how that was part of its effectiveness at displaying a concept.

Her work for Christie’s Global Markets was particularly interesting because she did something totally outside of her field, in architecture. It could really be seen as inspiration to become a more open-minded, especially for the attention span of an undergrad.
Her work is mostly less portfolio-based than most artists, because her work is much more practical, but here is her LinkedIn.

Discovering people: Tomasz Sikorski

18 Apr

Professor Klinkowstein invites yet another guest lecturer to Hofstra for an interesting twist on the current topic in the syllabus. This lecturer was a professor friend of his from Poland, who used to run a gallery and currently speaks and designs as a New Media Artist operating throughout Europe.

Sikorski described to us wee students an outlining of thought very similar to that of Nigel Whitely’s Valorized Designer. His lecture detailed three aspects of Engaged Art throughout Europe in the 20th and 21st centuries, which involved displaying powerful and at times, poignant arts in various styles, from performance art to graffiti. It was a fantastic mindset he displayed, and looking more into his work was key to fully grasping his intent with his work (which you can see here).

Ted: ideas worth spreading.

8 Feb

I was hesitant about TedWomen (it seems like it would create a divide rather than bridge one), but this is excellent.

Bridging gaps between the social and the individual is the heart and soul of SignDeclimb!

This blog is fantastic.

8 Feb

Well designed, well written and I love this perspective on life things.